Make Disciples. Week 8: Life Rhythms


This past Wednesday, we got together for Week 8 of 12 in our “Make Disciples.” series. Below you will find links to an overview of the full 12 weeks and for the eighth area on the map, Engaging God’s World: Life Rhythms.


Make Disciples. Week 08

During the 12 weeks, we are addressing areas on a comprehensive discipleship map.  After discussing each area, we will try to establish Milestones that would provide evidence of personal spiritual growth – markers that we work toward. 

Palmer St. Podcast: Philippians 3:1-11

Why is it that not all Christians are joyful? Why is it that others seem to exude the most profound joy in the midst of the most trying circumstances? Paul addresses that very issue in the passage we are examining today. We might sum up his conclusion like this: Our joy in Christ will reach its peak only when we place our complete confidence in Him. 

Phil 3.01-11.mp3

Phil 3.01-11.pdf