A Prayer Prompted by Luke 15

Heavenly Father,

We have sinned against you and are not worthy to be called your children.  Yet that is what you call us once we put our faith in Christ.  Thank you for receiving us into your family.  Thank you for receiving us, like lost sheep, back into the fold.  

We thank you further for seeking us out as the shepherd would seek the lost sheep or the woman would seek the lost coin in the parables.  You show us how much you value us that you did not leave us in our lost state, but sought us out so that we might turn to you.

Help us to appreciate the joy that fills heaven over each sinner that repents.  Help us to share that same joy.  Help us, now that we are walking with you, to be among those who join you in bringing other lost sheep back into the fold.  We know that there are many other prodigals much like ourselves who need to return to you.

Please give us the privilege of seeing the lost found and returning to you.

In Christ,

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