John 9 – Verse by Verse

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In this chapter Jesus heals a man born blind. The man is eventually drawn to worship Jesus. This healing simultaneously exposes the blindness of the religious leaders.

John 09.pdf

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John 5 – Verse by Verse

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Jesus heals a man at the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem – “an invalid for thirty-eight years.”  The day happens to be a Sabbath, which leads to a serious conflict over Christ’s authority.

John 05.mp3   (Jake Medlong)

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Luke 6 – Verse by Verse

Photo for LukeIf we had to pick one chapter in the New Testament that we could read to get the quickest summary of the Christian faith and life, it might be Luke 6.

Luke 06.pdf

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Mark 3 Verse by Verse

Photo for Mark editedJesus begins to attract more attention, both positive and negative.  His family begin to think he is crazy.  Religious leaders accuse him of being under demonic influence.

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Mark 03.mp3