Luke 6 – Verse by Verse

Photo for LukeIf we had to pick one chapter in the New Testament that we could read to get the quickest summary of the Christian faith and life, it might be Luke 6.

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Mark 3 Verse by Verse

Photo for Mark editedJesus begins to attract more attention, both positive and negative.  His family begin to think he is crazy.  Religious leaders accuse him of being under demonic influence.

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Central Streaming: The Purest Gospel

Paul’s Letter to the Romansapostle-paul

Martin Luther call this letter “the purest gospel.”  Romans begins with grace and takes us into “the obedience of faith.”

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Palmer St. Podcast: Acts 6

This is a key chapter in that it introduces the role of the deacon or “servant” within the early church.  From this point on, we’ll see church leadership separated into the roles of elders and deacons or shepherds and servants.

One of the first deacons, Stephen, had a remarkable ministry, which brought him to the attention of the Sanhedrin, the ruling council in Jerusalem.  He was eventually brought before them where he was falsely accused.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Acts 5

Chapter 5 begins with the sobering story of Ananias and Sapphira, a couple that the Lord struck dead for their hypocrisy.  Ever wonder what it would be like if that happened more often?  We’ll then see God working wonders through the apostles.   That is followed by a confrontation between the apostles and the Sanhedrin led by the high priest, in the midst of which the twelve are released from prison by an angel.  The chapter ends with the apostles continuing to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

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