Matthew 12 Verse By Verse

Matt photoJesus enters into further controversy, this time starting with what is or is not allowed on the Sabbath.  He adds teaching about his own resurrection and who his true family is.  

Matthew 12.mp3     (Jake Medlong)


Matthew 3 Verse by Verse

Matt photoAll four Gospels mention John the Baptist and his ministry of preparing the way for Jesus.  Today we look at John and the baptism of Christ.

Matthew 03.pdf

Matthew 03.mp3

Palmer St. Podcast: Jesus, the Sinful Woman and the Pharisee

Dan Petersen, in town from Glasgow, Scotland, brings this to us today.  Jesus is not sanctimonious.  He mixes with sinners.  The irony is that  those who view themselves righteous find themselves distant from God.

Luke 7.36-50.mp3