Matthew 19 Verse by Verse

Matt photoJesus answers a question about divorce by explaining God’s design for marriage.  He also highlights the importance of children and points out the flaw in the rich young man’s religion.

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A Prayer Prompted by Matthew 19

Heavenly Father,

Our lives belong to you.  Help us to trust you completely as obedient children.

If there is anything standing in the way of our complete commitment, we ask you to reveal it to us so that we can serve you with all that we have and all that we are.

We admit that we have ignored your instructions for marriage as you intended it. We have made marriage more about our personal wishes than your perfect will.  Again, since we belong to you, help us to serve you, whether married or single, with contentment and with willing hearts.

In the end we see that eternal life is nothing more, nothing less and nothing other than life given to us as a gift from you and to be lived completely for you.  Make us people whose lives reveal that to the world.

In Christ,


Palmer St. Podcast: Creation, Marriage and the Image of God

There was a time when everyone more or less knew what marriage meant.  That time is gone.  Marriage is being reexamined, redefined and reimagined.   The Bible has much to say about this.  We will only scratch the surface, but the definition and boundaries of marriage are what will concern us today.

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Palmer St. Podcast: 1 Corinthians 7

Morality was very confused in Corinth. So, it was hard for people, new and growing Christians, to fathom the rights and wrongs of marriage. Was singleness better? Was celibacy a superior spiritual state? Or was marriage holier? That is what many of the rabbis taught.  The Corinthians were confused, so Paul is going to clear this up for them – and us.

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