Acts 18 – Verse by Verse

In this chapter we see Paul in Corinth where he will stay for one and a half years. He then moves on to Ephesus. We are also introduced to Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos.

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Central Streaming: Marks of (Im)maturity

The Letters of Paulapostle-paul

The Church in Corinth was a handful for Paul.  Here are a few of the issues he had to deal with.  They are still surprisingly relevant.

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Palmer St. Podcast: 2 Corinthians 13

In this chapter Paul challenges the Corinthian church, saying, “Examine yourselves.”  We’re going to try to do the same, examine ourselves, noting that real Christianity involves both right Christian beliefs and real Christian experience marked by authenticity, maturity and unity with other believers in Jesus.

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Palmer St. Podcast 2 Corinthians 12

Sometimes we feel we cannot serve the Lord as well as we should due to physical infirmities or limitations.  At other times discouragement may hinder us when people don’t respond well to our love and sacrifice for them.  Paul dealt with both of these potential obstacles as he poured out his heart and life for the Corinthian church.  Still, he gave them 100% because ultimately it was Jesus that he was serving.

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