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Brim-Full with Immensity of Life

So, to return to my morning adventure . . .

Once I got through Middle Earth and braved the mystery of the world’s end, a few things happened. For one, the little canal that runs below my window widened until it became actually believable as a tributary of the mighty Thames (yes, my fellow Americans, that is pronounced Temmes). IMG_3877

My path continued along the water with woodsiness on my left, the river on my right, and beyond that, a wide and wild meadowland. Well . . . . maybe it looked exceptionally wide and wild covered in mist. But regardless, it was lovely.


And then, I stumble upon these guys:


Yes. This happened. And you’ve got to admit, it is a little bit pretty.


That’s a romantic* landscape painting waiting to happen.

And then, it actually got sweeter.

In the grass facing the river sat a quiet wooden bench with engraving on the top. I approached it and read that it was set…

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Brim-Full with Immensity of Life

As previously related, the other day I went for a wondrous morning wander. The first part was like Middle Earth. Once I emerged from those woods and marshes, however, I found myself in . . . well, that’s the thing . . . I didn’t seem to be exactly anywhere.


The mist hovering over the water was so dense, it cast an otherworldly veil over all surrounding.



It’s a strange feeling, half lovely and half terrifying, to feel like you might as well be standing on the brink of nothingness.


But of course this determined adventurer wasn’t about to be daunted by a little misty mystery.


On I went, to further adventures. Stay tuned! =]


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From Krystiana in Oxford, making her father happy.

Brim-Full with Immensity of Life

One morning last week I decided to go on an adventure. No one would go with me, so at 7:15 on that frosty morning I set off all by my lonesome, with camera in tow, up the path by the river.


And it was incredible.


I found Middle Earth, guys.




I walked along, thinking this must be what it would look like . . .


and then I realized Oh my. Wait. Tolkien lived here!


This could actually be what it was meant to look like!!


I quickly decided “I’m going to do a blog post about this!” . . . and then as it kept being beautiful and I kept photographing, I realized “I’m going to do several blog posts about this!” =]

So there’s part one. Tune in next time for part 2: the edge of the world.

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