And another segment

Brim-Full with Immensity of Life

So, to return to my morning adventure . . .

Once I got through Middle Earth and braved the mystery of the world’s end, a few things happened. For one, the little canal that runs below my window widened until it became actually believable as a tributary of the mighty Thames (yes, my fellow Americans, that is pronounced Temmes). IMG_3877

My path continued along the water with woodsiness on my left, the river on my right, and beyond that, a wide and wild meadowland. Well . . . . maybe it looked exceptionally wide and wild covered in mist. But regardless, it was lovely.


And then, I stumble upon these guys:


Yes. This happened. And you’ve got to admit, it is a little bit pretty.


That’s a romantic* landscape painting waiting to happen.

And then, it actually got sweeter.

In the grass facing the river sat a quiet wooden bench with engraving on the top. I approached it and read that it was set…

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