From Krystiana in Oxford, making her father happy.

Brim-Full with Immensity of Life

One morning last week I decided to go on an adventure. No one would go with me, so at 7:15 on that frosty morning I set off all by my lonesome, with camera in tow, up the path by the river.


And it was incredible.


I found Middle Earth, guys.




I walked along, thinking this must be what it would look like . . .


and then I realized Oh my. Wait. Tolkien lived here!


This could actually be what it was meant to look like!!


I quickly decided “I’m going to do a blog post about this!” . . . and then as it kept being beautiful and I kept photographing, I realized “I’m going to do several blog posts about this!” =]

So there’s part one. Tune in next time for part 2: the edge of the world.

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