Matthew 3 Verse by Verse

Matt photoAll four Gospels mention John the Baptist and his ministry of preparing the way for Jesus.  Today we look at John and the baptism of Christ.

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Matthew 1 Verse by Verse

Matt photoIn this first chapter Matthew give us some foundational material regarding Jesus Christ the son of David, son of Abraham, our Savior.

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Palmer St. Podcast: The Person of Christ

God the Son walked the earth and shared our struggles.  A real man, Jesus Christ, one of our own kind, will reign over the entire universe forever because He is also truly God.  He invites us to reign with him.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Understanding Christ’s Priesthood

A priest in the Bible is a go-between, mediator, intercessor, or a liaison – someone to stand between people and God.  The Bible says we need someone like this because unholy people cannot stand before a perfectly holy God on their own merit.  Jesus is the perfect Man for the job.


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Palmer St. Podcast: Becoming Holy

What is holiness anyway? From

  1. 1. the quality or state of being holy; sanctity
  2. a title of the pope

How about sanctity?

  1. “holiness…” (This isn’t getting us very far.)


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Palmer St. Podcast: Exactly the Savior We Need

In the midst of our deepest troubles, it’s understandable to think that God is distant.  Understandable, but wrong.  God is not far away.  He has done literally everything to bridge the gap between the human race and Himself.  There is no longer any need for distance between you and the God who loves you.  Jesus – God the Son – crossed over to our side to lead us back over to His side.  That’s just one reason the Lord Jesus Christ is exactly the Savior that we need.

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