39 Books: Daniel – Son of Man

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteDaniel – Son of Man

In Chapter 7, Daniel’s visions bring insight regarding the future – from a series of powerful empires to a kingdom that shall have no end – ruled by the Son of Man.

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Central Streaming: The Purest Gospel

Paul’s Letter to the Romansapostle-paul

Martin Luther call this letter “the purest gospel.”  Romans begins with grace and takes us into “the obedience of faith.”

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Remember that one time we almost didn’t see the Sistine Chapel?

This is from my daughter, who was just in Rome and by this time just left for Ethiopia. Thanks Krystiana, for writing a little about your experiences.

Brim-Full with Immensity of Life

That’s what we’ll say to each other ten years from now. And we’ll nod and laugh and then we’ll tell the story to whoever will listen, and maybe we’ll embellish a little more each year, but maybe not, because it’s a pretty good story as it is.

Saturday, July 19 2014, 2:30pm.
We’ve just checked in to our unexpectedly lovely bed & breakfast in Rome, and set down with maps and lists and the internet to decide what to do with the wealth of a whole afternoon. We find out the Vatican museum is closed on Sundays, and we’ve waited twenty years and 4000 miles to see the Sistine Chapel, which makes the decision pretty easy. We look up bus routes.

We learn that, although the museum is open till 6, the ticket office closes at 4pm. We gather our things, exit the hotel, and run to what we…

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Palmer St. Podcast: Mystery Babylon

The Bible makes a clear distinction between true and false religion.  Jesus calls Himself “the truth” and calls the devil “the father of lies.”  This chapter looks forward to the climax of all false beliefs in the form of “Mystery Babylon.”

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