Honest Q & A: The Existence of God – Introduction

This is the very first installment of Honest Q & A. While several topics have been touched on in our questions, some of them boil down to the very existence of God. Things like, “How do we know whether he exists?” or “How do we know there even is a God to answer our prayers?”

No question we will deal with is any more basic than this, so it’s probably a good place to start, but it’s not an easy question to answer. We could say something like, “The Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it,” but that would more likely shut down further conversation rather than generate it. Moreover, the Bible doesn’t really approach the question of God’s existence as something that needs to be proved. It assumes that God exists right from the first verse and presents it as something to be believed.

If we’re going to truly take both the question and the questioner seriously, we have to admit that there are a number of ways to begin. No answer is going to provide a drop-dead, slam-dunk type of proof. We are dealing with God, not with mathematics. We must also consider that mere belief in God is not the same as biblical Christianity. In a sense, we have to be open to belief in God before we can consider ourselves Christians.

We’ll only take one line of evidence at a time. As we proceed through several installments, I hope we’ll see that there is ample reason to believe in God. Some will resonate well with some people, some will resonate more with others. Altogether, the point will at least be made that belief in God is not just for the ignorant or naïve.  God is, above all, for thinking people.

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