While You’re Young (Ecclesiastes 11 – 12) – Mark Radke

The Preacher (Qoheleth) reminds us that life still counts even in the midst of a pandemic. What we do now matters for eternity.

Eccl 11-12.mp3 (Mark Radke)

Here is a link to the livestream recording:


A Prayer Prompted by John 6

Dear God and Father,

We thank you for sending Jesus, the bread of life and the bread that came down from heaven. We understand that we will live through him or we will not live at all. At this moment we express our total faith and trust in him and him alone.

It is through his death and resurrection – through the giving of his body and the shedding of his blood – that we are saved.

Help us please, by the power of your Holy Spirit to remain faithful unto death to that commitment.

We have no other hope aside from Jesus Christ,


Luke 8 – Verse by Verse

Photo for Luke

Luke 8 starts with teaching, but this will be followed by several amazing examples of Christ’s power.  Jesus will encourage us to share the word with hope and to trust him when things begin to look hopeless.

Luke 08.pdf

Luke 08.mp3