Acts 22 – Verse by Verse

Paul speaks to the irate crowd and tells them the story of his conversion. We are reminded how important that story can be at any stage in our Christian life.

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Acts 19 – Verse by Verse

Today we look at Paul’s time in Ephesus, where he had an effective ministry. This is true despite the fact that the city was full of demonic activity and there was serious opposition.

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Acts 9 – Verse by Verse

Saul of Tarsus meets Jesus on the road to Damascus. Peter takes his ministry down to the Mediterranean coast.

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Central Reflections: Marks of Conversion (or not)

Top-10Barry Atwell walks us through the Letter of 1 John, pointing out the Top Ten Marks of Conversion.  These can give us assurance that we are truly born again.  The lack of these marks, or the presence of their opposite, would indicate that our conversion has never happened.

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