Palmer St. Podcast: An Eternal Throne

The Old Testament has a few markers or mountain peeks that help us in understanding the entire message, big story or metanarrative of the Bible.  One of them is 2 Samuel 7.  This chapter points us back to Abraham, forward to Jesus, and declares that David’s throne and dynasty will be eternal.

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Palmer St. Podcast: His Work Is Finished

Certain jobs are never quite completed.  For example:  Cleaning, cutting the grass, washing Clothes, add your (least) favorite routine item here.   Christ came to this earth on a mission. He finished the job. Our redemption is complete.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Our Divine Mediator

The Nature of the Dispute:

  • We have set up huge barriers between ourselves and God.
  • God desires to remove them.
  • His holiness requires that a price be paid from the human side to atone for our many sins.
  • We owe God more than we can honestly pay.
  • We are in over our heads.

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