39 Books: Exodus – Leaving Egypt

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Exodus: Leaving Egypt

In Exodus, God brings the people of Israel out of Egypt and lays the foundations for their national life.

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Palmer St. Podcast: The *Work* of God’s Spirit

The ordinary becomes something extraordinary when God is involved.  The work of the Holy Spirit does not have to look supernatural.  He works through our work, using earthly materials and very human capabilities.

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Palmer St. Podcast: His Work Is Finished

Certain jobs are never quite completed.  For example:  Cleaning, cutting the grass, washing Clothes, add your (least) favorite routine item here.   Christ came to this earth on a mission. He finished the job. Our redemption is complete.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Our Divine Mediator

The Nature of the Dispute:

  • We have set up huge barriers between ourselves and God.
  • God desires to remove them.
  • His holiness requires that a price be paid from the human side to atone for our many sins.
  • We owe God more than we can honestly pay.
  • We are in over our heads.

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