Mark 1 Verse by Verse

Photo for Mark editedMark begins his Gospel with the ministry of John the Baptist.  After Jesus is baptized by John he moves into his public ministry.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Looking Forward to Future Glory

Peter has been reminding us of the necessity of suffering, but suffering simply cannot be enjoyed for its own sake.  Here he draws our attention to the glory that awaits us as God’s people in the presence of our Lord.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Acts 15:35 – 16:5

This week we transition into Paul’s second missionary trip.  It starts with a brief controversy with Barnabas over the need to bring along John Mark.  It ends with the ministry multiplied as Mark and Barnabas go one way while Paul and Silas go another.  Timothy is then shortly added to the team.  We’ll close with a few principles for multiplying ministry.

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