A Prayer Prompted by Mark 7

Dear heavenly Father,

You are an all-powerful, all-loving, unchanging God. We, however, need to change because without change we will never experience growth.

Help us to see where we have fallen into spiritual ruts. Help us not to get stuck in the patterns of religiosity, in human traditions. Instead, let us learn to draw near to you in all reality, sincerity and truth.

Jesus has taught us by both word and example that our lives need to be grounded in the Scriptures.

Prevent us from either adding or taking away from your word, but rather establish us firmly in it.

And from that foundation, bring us to the place where our faith truly grows.

In Christ,



Palmer St. Podcast: The Benefit of Prior Knowledge

When Superstorm Sandy hit, some people stayed close to the beach. Warnings were given. Not everyone paid attention. When we know something major is about to happen, we understand our obligation to be prepared. Peter has given us a letter full of warnings about the future.

2 Peter 3.14-18.mp3

2 Peter 3.14-18.pdf

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Palmer St. Podcast: From Knowing to Growing

We grow in our faith by learning about God, getting to know Him more intimately, and exercising our faith in a life of increasing obedience. The way that we move from knowledge to growth is through obedience-based discipleship.

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