Palmer St. Podcast: The Benefit of Prior Knowledge

When Superstorm Sandy hit, some people stayed close to the beach. Warnings were given. Not everyone paid attention. When we know something major is about to happen, we understand our obligation to be prepared. Peter has given us a letter full of warnings about the future.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Is He Really Coming?

History has seen its share of predictions regarding the end of the world. Just in recent memory we’ve had a failed prediction of the Rapture (or two) and a cancelled Mayan Apocalypse. Can we really blame people for becoming skeptical? Still, the Bible does actually – and repeatedly – predict the return of Jesus Christ.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Counterfeit Ministers with Counterfeit Ministries

We live at a time when traditional Christian morals are being rejected, not just by the world, but by the church. “Open-minded” Christians see the old morality as outdated or legalistic.  What would Peter think?

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Palmer St. Podcast: False Teachers and Future Judgment

Ruth Graham once said, “If God does not one day judge America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!” Her point was well taken. If God is so righteous that He has to judge sin sooner or later, then why should anyone think they can rebel against God and escape?

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