Matthew 24 Verse by Verse

Matt photoThe extended teaching known as the Olivet Discourse is one of the Bible’s most important pertaining to end times prophecy.  In it Christ reminds to always be watching for him.  He is coming and we do not know when.

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Palmer St. Podcast: The Day of the Lord (The Tribulation)

Does history have a direction or is it continually moving in cycles?  Does God really have a plan and, if so, is it possible to even remotely understand it?  A study of Bible prophecy provides satisfactory answers to those questions if we are willing to take the time to hear God out.  We may not be able to know the future thoroghly, but today’s passage points us to one of the Bible’s primary prophetic themes.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Living in Light of the Lord’s Return (Part 2)

If you have ever found Bible Prophecy challenging or confusing, you are not the first. The Thessalonians had the same problem – and they were taught personally by Paul. So Paul writes this letter to correct some of their misconceptions and encourage them to live like they really know Jesus.



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Palmer St. Podcast: Living a Watchful Life

We’ve been speaking a lot about the Rapture of the Church which ends the Church Age. We’ve also touched on the period of judgment to follow – a time of God’s wrath.  The main question before us now is:

How should we live in light of the coming fulfillment of these prophesied end times events?

The Answer:
Our life should reveal a heart and a mind that are consistently and spiritually alert. This means we are careful not only in what we do, but also in forming the mindset that precedes our actions.

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