Palmer St. Podcast: Godliness with Contentment

Did anyone have to teach you how to complain? Of course not. Discontent comes to us naturally; contentment does not. We have to train ourselves to be content, satisfied, at ease with our situation – and that’s what this chapter is about.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Take Heed to Yourself and to the Doctrine

Timothy was commissioned by Paul with the weighty responsibility of heading up the church in Ephesus. Paul now shares some personal insights with his young friend. In this chapter he’ll explain a few things that make both a healthy minister and a healthy ministry.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Identifying Church Leadership

One of the tasks that Timothy had before him was to assess potential candidates for ministry, so Paul outlined some qualifications for those who desired to lead. These credentials, along with those given to Titus, comprise the biblical standard for designated leaders within the body of Christ.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Godly Womanhood

Did God create men and women to be equal in the sense of “interchangeable?” Are male/female differences something to be enjoyed or downplayed as being irrelevant? If they are both equal before God, does this mean their responsibilities in the home or in the church are identical in His sight? Today’s passage may provide us with some answers.

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Palmer St. Podcast: A Lesson on Prayer

It’s interesting. Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach or teach the Bible. Nor does it seem they ever asked Him. But they frequently observed Him praying – the God-Man communing with His Father. On at least one occasion they were motivated to ask Him for a lesson on the topic – so He gave them one. Paul now gives Timothy a brief lesson here.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Transforming Grace

God’s callings are always accompanied by His enabling. He will never call us to do something without also enabling us to do it. Many times the Lord asks us to do something that is impossible. And then, working in us, by His Spirit, He proceeds to do the impossible. The person who receives the most from God’s grace is not the one who has the most forgiven, but the one who is the most transformed.

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