A Prayer Prompted by John 5

Heavenly Father,

Like like the man sitting near the pool of Bethesda, we need healing.  He was an invalid for thirty-eight years.  There are areas of our lives that have been injured, disfigured and hurting for a very long time as well.

Yet we know that at the word of Jesus healing can take place.  The most chronic condition is no special obstacle to you.  Please heal us,Lord.

If there is something we need to do to walk in our new condition, help us to know what that is.  This man had to get up, take up his bed and walk.  What do we have to do to prove to ourselves or to others that we are in fact healed?

We also see that immediately after his healing, the man in the story did not know it was Jesus who had healed him.  Help us to give credit where credit is due.  We are not healed by our own determination or initiative.  We are not even directly healed by the help of others, though you may use others in the process.  We are healed by you.

Help us, dear Father, to walk in the newness of life that is ours.

In Christ,


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