Palmer St. Podcast: A First-Century Sermon

When your faith gives you no real advantage in this world – and may even cause you trouble – it’s time to assess what you really believe and who or what you really believe in.


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The Unpopular Doctrine of Hell: Part 5 of 5

Additional Information

This is the concluding post on this unpopular topic.  While preparing for the seminar I read several older sermons on the topic of hell – all available online – just to see what they were like.  There are links to these below, all of which are downloadable PDFs.  Finally, the whole idea for the Saturday Seminar at Calvary Chapel Bible College Indianapolis (CCBCi) grew out of an assignment for a theolodgy class with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS).  That paper is also accessible below.  Thanks for your interest!

Last and Least: The Unpopular Doctrine of Hell-Kosobucki.pdf