Luke 4 – Verse by Verse

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Having been baptized by John in the last chapter, Jesus is now led by the Spirit into the wilderness where he endures a time of testing and temptation at the hands of the devil.  He goes from there back to Galilee to begin his public ministry.

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Rob Bell’s Newest Book

See the advanced info on Love Wins at HarperCollins.  In case any of us ever wondered whether universalism was lurking behind Rob Bell’s more obscure teachings in books or Noomas, he is making that clear to one and all with this book.  At least that’s what his publisher’s website is saying.  Also check out the brief video by Bell off to the side.  For the record, Brian McLaren recommends the book.  Admittedly, I haven’t read it yet, but I think I detect some errors in doctrine already.

 Love Wins by Rob Bell

Love Wins by Rob Bell