Listening Thru the Bible

Driving in your car or exercising can become a spiritual experience – if you have a copy of the Scriptures you can listen to at the same time.  This is sonething I do constantly for study purposes.

At Horizon Central we normally use the New King James Version.  It’s the version we teach from on Sundays and Wednesdays andits the version we give away to visitors who need a Bible.  Thereforeit’s the version I like to listen to the most.  Getting it on mp3 is inexpensive and ultra-super-way-flexible for listening at home, in the car, walking down the street, etc.  Here’s the page from Thomas Nelson and they give you a few links to your favorite distributors. 

NKJV on mp3

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  You can grow into a spiritual giant by spending enough time in the Word.