A Prayer Prompted by John 4

Heavenly Father,

You reveal your heart toward those that have been set aside by others in the way you sent Jesus directly to this Samaritan woman. He then reveals his heart in the way he gently but directly made himself known to her.

We pray that you would do the same for us and for others that we know – make yourself known in the most personal way that you can. Show us how we might join with you by making you known to those who are marginalized in this world. Help us also to exercise as great a faith as the official with the dying son.

Help us to put in the same amount of effort to get close to Jesus – the kind that would walk a full day to see him if needed. And help us to be willing to trust you even when we do not see the immediate answers to our prayers. You can be at work whether we see it or not. 

In Christ,


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