Objections to Christianity

If you have Objections to Christianity and are willing to help me with a brief paper, here is a very simple survey for you to complete and give back to me.  The data will be used anonymously and you will only be contacted by me for further discussion if you wish.  If you don’t have any objections yourself, but know someone who does and might want to submit them, feel free to pass this on.

Objections – Survey (Word)

Objections – Survey (pdf)

I’d like to have the information back by the end of May 2013.  The paper will be ready by July 10 and I’d be happy to give you a copy if you wish.



4 thoughts on “Objections to Christianity

  1. Taking a class this summer and the paper is for that. Beyond that, however, it is something I’ve long considered doing. The class provided the final nudge. I may even want to keep going with the concept after the paper and class are finished.

  2. Maybe I should also add that as a Christian, and a pastor at that, I feel that this kind of discussion is important. Too often people on different sides of this issue, like so many others, don’t actually hear what the other side is saying. Thus, they are prone to mischaracterizing other people’s views or responding to objections that few people actually have.

    Thanks for the question Altruistico!!

  3. Thanks for all that attention, “Wheat.” I was kind of hoping to avoid the potentially rapid and emotionally charged discussion that can take place on a comment thread. That’s why I didn’t approve all three of your comments. At this point I’m only committing to a relatively brief response, so I’ll take a look at those blog posts and consider them as I accumulate the data. There were four, so I’ll take those as the “up to four” objections I requested.

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