Palmer St. Podcast: Stability, Direction and Meaning

Peter Gabriel captured the sentiments of our time back in the year 2000 in the song Downside Up:

I looked up at the tallest building
Felt it falling down
I could feel my balance shifting
Everything was moving around
These streets so fixed and solid
A shimmering haze
And everything that I relied on disappeared

(Refrain) Downside up, upside down
Take my weight from the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping into the unknown

All the strangers look like family
All the family looks so strange
The only constant I am sure of
Is this accelerating rate of change

By contrast, in this chapter Paul challenges us to stay focused on Jesus.  God brings stability, direction and meaning to the intentionally Christ-focused life.

Titus 2.mp3

Titus 2.pdf

Titus 2.pptx

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