39 Books: Psalms – Prayer & Worship

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Psalms – Prayer & Worship

The Bible’s original hymnbook gives us remarkable insight into a close relationship with God.


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Central Streaming: Praises

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praisesThe mood of the Book of Psalms moves from wisdom and anguish toward joy.  We are now at the end of the book – the most joyful part.

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Central Streaming: The Steadfast Love of God

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Ben Morrison was here from Svitlovodsk, Ukraine a few weeks back.  Here is his message based on Psalm 107.  Below is a link to the church website and the video that Ben showed us when he was here.

Psalm 107.mp3 (Ben Morrison)

Calvary Chapel Svitovodsk Website

The Story of Calvary Chapel Svitlovodsk

Palmer St. Podcast: God Is Sovereign (Caid Ferguson)

God is sovereign, even when we—or loved ones— go through horrible things; rest in the hope of His redemption.


Job 4-7.mp3 (Caid Ferguson)

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