39 Books: Deuteronomy – Terms of the Covenant

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Deuteronomy: Terms of the Covenant

These final sermons of Moses bring the Torah to a close.



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Palmer St. Podcast: Faith, Love, Wealth – and Discrimination?

Judging people by their appearance has no place in the church.  James especially wants us to focus on loving and befriending the poor, tying it in with loving our neighbor as ourself – “The Royal Law.”

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Palmer St. Podcast: The Rich Young Ruler (John Eidsmoe)

Law professor John Eidsmoe explains how Jesus uses the law to show “Rich Young” his need for a Savior.

The Rich Young Ruler.mp3  (John Eidsmoe)

Below, you can find John’s bio on the Gospel Martial Arts Union website and a page where you can purchase his books.

John Eidsmoe on the GMAU Website

John Eidsmoe on barnesandnoble.com 

Palmer St. Podcast: Galatians 6

Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia has shown us the importance of being set free from the laws demands.  We’ve also seen how the cross frees us from the grip of sin – when we trust in Jesus and receive His new resurrection life.  Only the cross of Jesus can free us from the burden of the law and the power of sin at the same time.

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