Palmer St. Podcast: Truth, Lies and the Man of Sin

Whatever happened to the truth?

  • Naturalism: Science gives us facts; religion is a subjective realm of morality and faith.
  • Post-Modernism: In a post-modern world the very idea of truth is subjective.
  • Religious Pluralism: All religions are equally true, you just need to be sincere.
  • False Teaching within the church: Whose Christianity is the real one?

A spiritual battle for the truth is what we should expect in the last days.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Colossians 1:15-23

Playing Balderdash with Jesus

Our family likes to play the game Balderdash. The idea is that you are given a word or a movie title or a name and you have to make up a definition for the word, or say what the movie is about, or tell who the person is. The world plays Balderdash with Jesus. People make things up about Him, but these fictional versions of Jesus are unworthy of our worship.  If Jesus is really God incarnate, then our failure to acknowledge that might have eternal consequences. Today’s passage intends to clear this up.

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