No Intelligence Allowed

Remember Ben Stein – the excruciatingly dull teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?  He’s also a former presidential speech writer (Nixon!! and Ford), an economist, author and an attorney (Yale Law School valedictorian 1970).  He writes regularly for NYTimes and Yahoo! Finance.  I want to recommend his recent controversial movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  It’s about to come out on DVD and you can advance order it.  By the way, Ben adamantly denies writing the line “I am not a crook” for R.N.

Expelled is a humorous, maybe even sarcastic, documentary examining the exclusion of intelligent design from the mainstream academic world, despite some reasonably intelligent advocates.  The film is extremely polarizing – because the subject is exptemely polarizing.  You will like it if you put your faith in an intelligent Creator who is behind all that exists.  You will hate it if you put all your faith in Darwin.  Amazon rates it at right about 2 1/2 stars – probably the average of lots of 5s and 1s.  Again, I recommend the movie, though I’m sure it’s made a Ben Stein a lot of enemies.

If you want to check it out here’s a website:

If you want to go so far as to advance order it, here’s a link to

Order Expelled on

If you want to read an interview with Ben in the Toronto Star here it is:

Toronto Star Interview June 2008

 And then there’s Ben’s own website:

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