Paul’s Faithful Sayings #2

The next little statement conveying a big truth is this one:

“This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop [literally, “overseer”], he desires a good work.” – 1 Timothy 3:1 (NKJV)

A man can desire to go into ministry for either right or wrong reasons.  The man who desires the position of leadership within the body of Christ should desire the position because he desires the work.  The work is good.

Notice that the “position” is not the thing that’s good, but the “work”.  The overseer may dislike the position at times, but he needs to stay committed to the work.  He may not get the results he hoped for, but he needs to do the work.  He will certainly fall short of the standards some people set for him, but the work remains good so he needs to do it.  He may personally fall far short of the standards he sets for himself, but he still needs to devote himself to the work – because it is good. 

Preaching, teaching, counseling, comforting, correcting, directing and protecting God’s people – all these things come under the work of the overseer and much, much more besides.  And he’ll need to be a man of prayer and a student of the Scriptures before all of that.  The man who becomes an overseer will never be bored again. 

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